Xander Mom: Kim Muller


Meet our first Xander mom for 2018, Kim Muller from the blog Muller Kids. She took some time out to talk to us about her gorgeous kids, busy family life and her thoughts on using technology as part of learning.


Tell us about yourself?

I am a mom of 3, Matthew will be 7 years old in January, Ethan is 3 years old and Harper is a mere 2 months old. I’m married to my best friend for 8 years and we’re still very much in love, even after being together for 16 years. I work in the financial department of an IT company but looking to get into events management one of these days.


Tell us about your blog?

I started blogging when I was pregnant with Matthew. With most mommy bloggers, I started my blog to document by pregnancy so that I had something to look back on one day. As usually happens, my blog has evolved to not only document all 3 pregnancies but I also chat about marriage, life’s ups and downs, and what life is like with my kids.



How do you feel about using technology as part of learning?

Our children are growing up with technology all around them so I need to get used to the idea of them wanting to play games on my phone, or using voice activation to search for videos on Youtube. I feel that the children can learn a lot more than we did using technology, we as parents just need to find the balance between too much screen time and other activities. As well as ensure there a loads of educational games or applications for them to make use of.


What are your kids favourite apps?

My kids love colouring and activity apps. I recently found one that Ethan especially loves, Kidloland. Matthew enjoys Youtube and games where he can use sums and practice his shapes and colours knowledge.


What do you love about South Africa and raising your children here?

I love how diverse we are as a nation. My children will learn all about the different cultures we have, be able to explore all our amazing places and experience beautiful views and gorgeous food.


TV “Yes” or “No”?

Yes, but in moderation. I hate when my children sit for too long in front of the TV. When I feel that they’ve had enough, I put the tv off and chase them outside. I love when they are dirty and full of sand when it comes to bathtime.


What is in the lunchbox?

Matthew gets 2 sandwiches, a packet of mini cheddars, a yoghurt, and a sweet thing. Ethan will get a packet of chips, a yoghurt, and a sweet thing. Then they both get a sport bottle filled with Oros (Not exactly healthy but they are serious picky eaters) Ethan gets breakfast and lunch at creche and Matthew gets lunch only at his aftercare.


How do you balance it all – in one sentence?

I don’t Haha. I have an amazing support system, and my husband is great at doing his bit too, and yet I still have loads of balls that I can’t keep up in the air all the time.  


Do you children do chores at home, if so what and how do you manage it?

Not really, Matthew needs to keep their room tidy, unpack his afterschool bag and repack for the next day. Ethan will sometimes help pack away the non breakable dishes. They both need to pick up any toys that lay around the house. We don’t have any reward systems in place at the moment.


What is your favourite holiday plans/ activities with kids?

At the moment, it’s taking them to beach and crafting. They love the sea and sand and can spend hours running into the water and jumping the waves. Matthew loves using his hands and will happily sit with me and create new things.

Catch up with Kim on her blog, Muller Kids or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.