Xander Apps created by Tribage App Studio

Our founder believes mother-tongue learning is best for young children and has created a range of award-winning, educational, mobile apps to give parents peace of mind in the digital age. Children can now engage with healthy technology, learn in their own language, and have fun at the same time.

Choose from a variety of apps including 123, Shapes & Colours, Spelling, and many more to develop fine-motor skills, sorting, matching, rhyming, literacy, numeracy, and pattern recognition. Download apps in Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho, Swahili or Shona.

Xander apps support privacy and high-quality, they are free from in-app purchases and advertising.

Behind Xander lies a story of a chartered-accountant-mother-of-three-young-children-turned-app-creator who has built a team of local, specialists in software engineering, education, and graphic design, to realize a dream of creating high quality, vernacular app for local children.

Parent, Pedagogy and Sequencing guides


Creesen Naicker | Mr Price Foundation

“The Xander apps are an intuitive and engaging resource for young children to expand their vocabulary in their mother tongue, and improve their language acquisition. Whether used on their own, or as part of an educational intervention, the Xander apps add great value!”

Dr Sibs Moodley-Moore

“This is a creative, innovative and fun way for children to learn through play. It is bound to be a tremendous success.”

Tracey Butchart – Educational Specialist

“Screen designs are appealing, uncluttered, and intuitive to navigate. Menus, icons and buttons are prominent. The graphics are simple, clear and beautiful. Sound is audibly simple, clear and precise. The lack of advertisements and the excellence of the graphics and design position the Xander apps as high quality products. “

App User | Special Needs Teacher

“This app teaches shapes with no pop-up ads. If the app is good I don’t mind paying to remove the ads. This app gives the use a chance to use the app with minimal interference from ads.”