Corporates and Schools

Are you a corporate looking to give something back to your staff or a school or educational institution wanting to access local language content for your learners to supplement their learning?

Contact us about buying vouchers in bulk at a reduced rate. Email us and we’ll take you through the process.

    These are the current apps available for bulk purchase:

    • Xander Afrikaans 123
    • Xander Afrikaans Shapes & Colours
    • Xander Afrikaans Wardrobe
    • Xander English 123
    • Xander English Shapes & Colours
    • Xander English Wardrobe
    • Xander Xhosa 123
    • Xander Xhosa Shapes & Colours
    • Xander Xhosa Wardrobe
    • Xander Zulu 123
    • Xander Zulu Shapes & Colours
    • Xander Zulu Wardrobe