Xander Mom: Heather Step



Our latest Xander Mom has more than one blog, a full time job as a Montessori teacher and a 3 year old. Meet Heather Step of One Step at a Time and SA Mom Blogs.


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Heather, I’m a Montessori preschool teacher who also likes to blog. After enduring five years of infertility we were blessed with a little boy who is now three years old.

Tell us about your blog?

I started blogging about my infertility experience and now that has changed into blogging about motherhood. I also founded SA Mom blogs as a way of connecting the mom bloggers in South Africa.




How do you feel about using technology as part of learning?

I think it can be useful but you also have to limit screen time. Nicky learnt his letters on the iPad but it isn’t the same as feeling the tactile experience of the sandpaper letters. It certainly does help when you are stuck in traffic to give him something educational to do.

What are your kid’s favourite apps?

There are quite a few. He likes petting zoo and the Boss lion jumping one.

What do you love about South Africa and raising your children here?

I like the warm sun. It isn’t the same overseas. Also we are (relatively) closer to family.

Suppertime tips for parents with young children?

I think the main thing is to relax and don’t stress. Don’t make your child eat. It often happens that supper is not ready when Nicky is hungry and I end up feeding him two minute noodles but he loves them. I battled to get Nicky to eat in the beginning. I think we have to be flexible.

TV “Yes” or “No”?

For my own sanity yes, but of course there have to be time limits.

What is in the lunchbox?

I did a post on this, but basically it boils down to half a starch (sandwich) and half fruit (I do apple and grapes). I also give him water and yoghurt as a protein.

How do you balance it all – in one sentence?

I don’t. But I have been making sleep a priority. If I have a bad night I make it a point to go to bed early the next night. I can’t function without sleep.

Do you children do chores at home, if so what and how do you manage it?

My son is only three but he tries in his own way to help. He will stand next to me on his step ladder to “help” and he loves helping when I make crunchies. As far as packing up is concerned I do it with him and if he doesn’t want to help I have to threaten e.g. take storytime away or some other treat.

What is your favourite holiday plans/ activities with kids?

I work as a teacher and we are doing a holiday arts and crafts program during the holidays. I think most of all I really want to go to my home town in Port Elizabeth and play on the beach with him and hopefully we will get there this year.


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