Xander Mom: Cindy Alfino

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Cindy is another one of our amazing Xander Moms. Read all about herself, her family and her award-winning blog.

Tell us about yourself?

Hello! I’m Cindy, although I don’t often hear anyone call me that anymore. Right now I only answer to “Mooooooom”, sometimes even if it’s not my own child. Who I am outside of being a mom of three? Well, that might depend on who you ask. I own an insurance brokerage and have to balance the working mom life, I have a husband who I couldn’t cope without and you can get anything out of me with a packet of NikNaks in hand.

Tell us about your blog?

I started blogging after our first baby way back in 2010. The truth of it is that I was thrust into this parenting life and even though it’s a life I desperately wanted, I wasn’t quite sure what the hell to do with it now that I had it. None of my friends had kids and I just felt alone and incapable of looking after this little bundle that needed so much from me. I blogged to connect and learn, but since then it has evolved as our lives have evolved. Now you can read back on old posts about sleepless nights but also read the new ones and know that eventually it will all work out in the end. You can find our blog at www.3kids2dogsand1oldhouse.co.za




How do you feel about using technology as part of learning?

It would probably be bad to admit that the rectangular babysitter has often made a magnificent appearance for us on trying afternoons, but the fact that there are loads of educational programs to watch now means that I don’t feel too guilty. In terms of tablets and apps, we haven’t previously used this, but are looking into more options now that our kids are learning to read – I want to make it a bit more fun for them.

What are your kid’s favourite apps?

Right now, any game that has a princess in it.

What do you love about South Africa and raising your children here?

There is so much about South Africa that I love. I’m not sure I could ever leave because it’s the only home that I have ever known. I love that I can expose my kids to the sea, to the forest, to the vineyards and the city all within 30 minutes of each other. It’s also great that they get to see a huge mix of people and lifestyles as they visit new places in and around Cape Town.

Suppertime tips for parents with young children?

Strap them to a chair, duct tape their mouths open and shovel it in. That’s really the only full-proof way to get food into them, but we haven’t had to resort to that quite yet. We have dinner around the table together, talking and sharing our day while we eat. I think them seeing us eat all our food encourages them to eat it too. Although that could be because they aren’t allowed to leave the table till they’re done.

TV yes or no?


What’s in the lunchbox?

Water, dried fruit and nuts or biltong.

How do you balance it all – in one sentence?

With lots of help, patience and wine.

Do your children do chores at home, if so what and how do you manage it?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. They need to take their own plates to the kitchen in the morning and dress themselves etc. We’re slowly introducing more as they get older and can take on the responsibility.

What is your favourite holiday plans/ activities with kids?

We love going out. Be that staying overnight in a new town or just spending the day at the Waterfront, we need to be out and about. It’s exciting to be with the kids as they do new things for the first time, it makes really special memories that I’m sure we’ll all cherish as they get older.


Check out Cindy’s blog or contact her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (cindyalfino)