We started with the basics, and so should you

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From birth to three years children start  to develop basic hand-eye skills, such as reaching for and grasping objects, feeding and dressing themselves (or at least attempting to),  and begin to recognise concepts of place and direction. They also start to develop the ability to manipulate objects using finer motor skills.
From three to five years old, most children exhibit a preference for using either their left or right hands and  understand and use concepts of direction (up, down, under, next to etc.) more confidently. Children  become physically more adventurous and co-ordinated, and crucially for school readiness, develop eye/ hand/ body coordination, eye teaming, and depth perception.

123 and shapes and colours xander apps

With these skills in mind, our Xander Apps feature drop and drag activities (Shapes and Colours), as well as line tracing activities (123), which stimulate fine motor development and hand eye coordination while teaching basic numbering, colours and shapes. Of course you’ll still want your kids to climb and be physically active, in order to develop and support their gross motor skills as well.

We strongly believe that children should be encouraged and shown positive reinforcement, and that they can learn best through play in a stress-free app environment. Our cute Xander character guides children through the various games and always provides positive support and feedback.

None of our games have in-apps purchases or distracting advertising, so your children can play, learn  and explore in a safe and child-friendly environment.

Our suite of  apps strives to provide a variety of educational games in African Languages (Zulu and Swahili versions are launching soon), so that children can learn basics like counting and shapes in the language in which they are most comfortable. (Read more about the benefits of education in your home language).

The #XanderApps team is passionate about early childhood development, and all our apps are researched and built to stimulate, support and improve a variety of early childhood skills.