Playing with your food

xander apps play with food

Remember the mashed potato train? Or the aeroplane spoon with the zooming noises? Moms have tried in a hundred different way to make food interesting, and to get kids to eat their veggies. Some moms take this to new heights, and there is a delightful trend of wild and wonderful lunchbox creations making their way to school these days.

And why are parents going to such great lengths? Because they want to send their kids to school with a nutritious lunch that will actually get eaten, as opposed to one that comes home, uneaten and mushy at the end of the day. (Or perhaps they are just expressing some inner creative urge?)

One specific mom who does this really well is Diana Rambles, who uses inexpensive cookie cutters to transform her daughter’s lunches. Sandwiches, cheese, cold meats, fruits and veggies… everything gets shaped and beautified and turned into something that is almost too gorgeous to eat.

Another way in which parents can ensure that their children eat their school lunches (and not only play with them), is to involve them in the process and allow them some choice in the matter. Put together a selection of nutritious foods in suitable portions, and allow your kids to choose one or two items from each food category; for instance one carb and one fruit, with perhaps a treat thrown in on a Friday. In this way, children feel included and empowered, and are more likely to tuck into their food.

We have made a cute Xander template for you to download, print out and use. Now you and your kids can plan the week’s lunch boxes together.

xander lunch box planning