Cath Jenkin, digital mom and tech groundbreaker

Cath Digikids 2

“ I know and believe that we have a community here that’s like no other, and that we live in a country of possibility.”

Cath Jenkin is a parenting columnist, copywriter and Managing Editor for DigiKids, one of our favourite South African parenting and tech sites.

How does Cath manage to balance her demanding career with being a mom? This is a question that we never tire of asking our #XanderMoms. Cath believes in routine and scheduling.  She tries to allocate different times of day to the three main areas of her life, namely work, home and parenting, and tries to prioritise each area accordingly.

“Sometimes things don’t work out, but I’ve learnt to roll with the punches.”

Her secret is a shared family calendar, that keeps everybody up to date and allows activities to be scheduled and blocked out. Cath is also a big believer in making time for yourself, despite the demands of being a working mom.

“I even pop in a reminder or block out time to do the things I love, like read or catch up on series.”

Technology is part of Cath’s life, and she integrates its usage into her daily activities. If  her daughter is doing homework or a school project, then a tablet is valuable for some online research. If the family is just relaxing at home, they often play games to relax.  Her family loves Instragram and her daughter loves playing adventure or strategy-focused games when she can.

“I often reflect on what I love about raising kids in South Africa , and I remember writing about the joy and noise that comes with raising a child in SA. But, the primary highlight? Is that I know and believe that we have a community here that’s like no other, and we live in a country of possibility.”

What inspiring  words, from a mom who is making a positive contribution to this beautiful country of ours.

Do you like Cath’s idea of a shared family calendar? Why not try a Google Shared Calendar or TeamUp, or let us know how you manage to keep everyone’s schedules straight.