Jean from Mommy Explores: 5 Favourites

Jean from Mommy Explores shared some of her favorite things for the kids. Take a look and try some of these and let us know what you think.


  1. Melissa & Doug Products



I love the Melissa & Doug products but especially the “Drawing/Colouring” ones. They can keep my little one busy for the longest time. There are a lot of stores that stock their products including PNA, Pharmacies, and most toy stores.


  1. Umatie Baby Food



I started using Umatie when my eldest started solids. As a first time mom I had no idea where to begin so it was great to simply, click, order and delicious, and nutritious home made food arrived at my door. My youngest has also just begun solids and I am so excited to start him on Umatie too. But they also make food for toddlers too; which is great when dinner time is rushed, and you just don’t have the time to get a nutritious meal onto the table


  1. Baby Vac



When little noses are completely blocked – this is the best invention yet. It sounds scary, but simply attach to vacuum cleaner and hey presto! It doesn’t hurt at all.


  1. ‘Babeshade’ Car Seat Cover



I wish I had this when my eldest was a tiny baby. This car seat cover is a life saver to keep the sun / wind / air off my baby. And it doubles up as a breastfeeding cover; it gives much more privacy than any other feeding cover I have used.


  1. Pure Beginnings



I first started using Pure Beginnings when I noticed how regular baby soaps were making my babies skin really dry. I tried it and more than 2 years later, I still use it. Every product in their range is great.


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