Xander Mom: Anita Boxoza



This month’s dynamic Xander Mom is Anita Boxoza. She talked to us about her fun a one of our favourite news blogs, Chocolate Hair Sisters, her gorgeous little girls and shared some parenting tips to live by.


Tell us about yourself?

I am Anita, a 20 something year old IT professional who is obsessed with dresses, pretty shoes and the colour pink. I love my fro and I am a mom to two wonderful little girls.  


Tell us about your blog?

I just recently started my blog, Chocolate Hair Sisters because everyone keeps asking me for advice about how I take care of my girls’ hair. So figured it would be something people would read. I have not been writing regularly lately due to some personal issues but I’m hoping things pick up soon.




How do you feel about using technology as part of learning?

I think technology is awesome, in the sense that kids have the world at their fingertips and can learn way more than the other generations previously did. Technology also does make learning more fun. Not to say traditional means of learning are boring. It’s great that technology can supplement and add on to it.


What are your kids favourite apps?

Goodness, they have a few. YouTube being top of the list, Barbie make over, Xander Xhosa apps.


What do you love about South Africa and raising your children here?

I love the cultures, the weather, the friendly people, I love that my kids get to learn so many different languages\cultures and get to play outside and just be kids.


Suppertime tips for parents with young children?

Keep it simple. My kids want their food simple, veggies, meat and rice.


TV “Yes” or “No”?



What is in the lunchbox?

My eldest goes to a school with a strict ‘no sugar in the lunchbox’ rule. So we have to always make sure things are as healthy as possible. She carries a water bottle with water, 2 fruits for snack, portion of meat or 3 fish fingers, 2 sausage rolls, cheese and yogurt.


How do you balance it all – in one sentence?

ASK FOR HELP! I’ve only just figured out I can’t do it on my own.


Do your children do chores at home, if so what and how do you manage it?

Yes! Both my girls do chores. They have to close the curtains, tidy toys after playing with them, make their own sandwiches and juice (peanut and jam with oros), put their clothes in the washing basket, make their beds, sweep and mop up. Not sure how we manage but they know what is expected and what needs to be done. Luckily Mom doesn’t have to nag too much for them to do their chores.


What is your favourite holiday plans/ activities with kids?

Roller skating, bike riding, trampoline parks, swimming, colouring in and playing with playdoh.


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