Online libraries for children

The evolution of education and the inevitable introduction of the EdTech industry has opened a whole new world of learning for our kids. Mobile apps, educational games and digital books are available at the click of a button.


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As one of the foundations of education, reading and literacy is at the forefront of our focus. And what is better than combining the two; technology and reading. We’ve complied a list of easily accessible digital / online libraries for your kids.


At Xander we believe that children, especially in their formative years, should learn primarily in their mother-tongue. It establishes a strong sense of belonging, cultural reaffirmation and a better grasp of developmental concepts. We are also firm believers that children who are exposed to various languages at a young age have the advantage in life to learn at an enhanced level than those who learn in a single language.


For this reason we highly recommend the following online book stores and libraries to get your child reading in their mother-tongue.


African Storybook



While our focus is on South African and African languages we know many kids are bilingual and multilingual and there are many many English and Afrikaans speakers. Here are some great resources for you as well.


International Children’s Digital Library

Magic Blox

Story Place

Story Jumper


And although we love all things digital we know there is nothing quite like the smell and feel of a new book and the joy you feel when paging through it. Here are some cool African language storybooks you can buy and have delivered to you.

Puo Publishing


Loot ZA

Big Bug Books

Vula Bula – Molteno


And for something for younger children try this great list of books for babies.


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