Mary Poppins in your Pocket

Whether you have one child or six, parenting will absorb all your available time. Sometimes, it seems as if a parents’ only downtime is when waiting in the car for the school bell to ring at end of day, or when in the doctor’s waiting area with kids. It is this race against time that prompted two seasoned South African parents to launch an App that enables parents to reclaim their time, with a fast, compact and curated solution on that smartphone that is always with you, even in the car park and waiting room.


The free Child Friendly SA App is a highly-recommended parenting assistant that already helps thousands of South African parents daily to make the most of their family lives, from the palm of their hands.



It is a bit like having the famous super-nanny Mary Poppins right in your pocket wherever you go. With over 10,000 listings of child friendly activities and services, this free App offers a wealth of curated ideas and shortcuts to help parents quickly find what they need, rather than browsing the web for hours. Whether looking for holiday programmes, party themes and venues, events and activities, tutors and coaches, nannies or au pairs, ideas for family outings and playdates, emergency rooms (heaven forbid) and much more across 200 categories, this free App always shows what is nearest and includes, among other, a route map, Uber integration, in-App calling or email, and a Share function to invite friends. The App is compact and very fast, allowing parents to search through hundreds of options in no time.


Available for free on the App Store and Google Play for any mobile device, and without any in-App purchasing. For quick download links, visit from your mobile device.