Enhance Your Child’s Education with Television and Movies

No child learns the same. Not every child absorbs information while reading or learns a skill in the first lesson. Teachers are constantly updating and tweaking their teaching methods to suit their current classroom. An educational tool that worked 30 years may not even be relevant to children nowadays. The more our society changes, the more teachers and parents must adapt their toolbox for a child’s education. This shift is most apparent when it comes to technology.



The content streaming site, Pure Flix, has realized this need for more healthy technology-based tools to enhance a child’s education. By collecting and developing educational content, Pure Flix has created an educational media resource for teachers and homeschooling parents alike. Here are 3 ways to utilize educational media like movies and television shows for your child’s learning.


  1. Reinforce concepts. A great way to solidify a concept or event in a child’s mind is to combine resources. After reading a chapter about marine life in a science textbook, movies or shows like Aqua Kids will reiterate those lessons and give a classroom a visual example of the information as well. Using different types of media to teach a subject will give everyone a chance to absorb the concepts and lessons.
  2. Make learning engaging! Movies and television shows are a great medium for storytelling, but to increase engagement with the story, make a game out of it. Create a scavenger hunt or a follow-up exercise using different facts or events in the movie. Not only will your classroom have to pay attention to complete the exercise, but they will feel more involved in the story itself and have fun along the way.
  3. Expand your lesson plan. There are so many educational movies and television shows available to find. Entertainment outlets like Pure Flix, Discovery Kids, and PBS Kids all offer content perfect for beefing up a lesson plan and providing students of all ages with a more exciting and fun way to learn.


So rather than banning the television from your family’s life, utilize it for a greater purpose. Find shows that engage and educate the whole family. With wholesome and interesting content, movies and television can become a valued part of your family’s week!



Leah Hastings is the Outreach Coordinator for Pure Flix. She has a passion for her faith and loves sharing the word about Pure Flix’s wholesome entertainment options. While she is dedicated to her job she also enjoys spending time with her family and Reese her Maine Coon cat.