Xander Mom: Wangari

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This week and we have awesome working mom and blogger, Wangari, all the way from Nairobi, Kenya. She took some time out to talk to us about her lovely family, parenting and her blog.


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Wangari and I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur as well as a family blogger at inmamaswords.com .


Tell us about your blog?

My blog is a place where moms can be honest about their journey through motherhood. I had my first child at 23 which is why I started writing the blog. I was young and afraid and thought of all the women in my situation and just wanted them to have a place where they could feel less alone and where we could all learn together. It’s a place where we don’t know it all and aren’t afraid to talk about feeling overwhelmed. It’s a place where we learn from each other.


To Xander[1]


How do you feel about using technology as part of learning?

I feel that in today’s world, technology is a major part of a child’s development. Keeping them away from it is like locking them out of a world that offers so much more than human interaction alone can offer.


What are your kids favourite apps?

They are currently into the Pinkfong app, the Xander Swahili apps and Endless Reader.


What do you love about living and raising your children in Kenya?

My entire family is here. On both sides. That knowledge that I have them as a support system is very comforting.

Suppertime tips for parents with young children?

Serve dinner early so that they make it through the meal before fatigue checks in.


TV “Yes” or “No”?

Yes, with a mix of other indoor and outdoor activities.


What is in the lunchbox?

A cheese sandwich and an apple. This is our picky eater staple.


How do you balance it all – in one sentence?

I run my business from home.


Do you children do chores at home, if so what and how do you manage it?

My oldest is five and he just started making his bed in the morning and is now helping clear the table after meals. He is also learning to sweep the kitchen floor after I prepare a meal.


What is your favourite holiday plans/ activities with kids?

We love the outdoors. Anything that gets us out of the house like football practice or swimming on a warm afternoon or a vacation at a place where these activities are offered is always a winner.


You can check out Wangari’s blog In Mamas Words here and catch up with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.