Xander Kids App Reviews: January 2017

This year we are revamping the way we do App reviews. Every month we will be interviewing some awesome kids who have played with the list of apps we send them each month.

This month we spoke to Onalo Konono (Aged 7), Onthatile Mogano (Aged 6), and brothers Aobakwe and Thoriso Monametsi (Aged 12).



The first app we sent to our reviewers for this month was ColourSwitch. This game requires the user to tap the device screen to make a coloured dot move through an obstacle course while the dot changed colors and can only move through obstacles of the same colour. It can be challenging and frustrating but it’s highly rewarding to make it to the end of each obstacle course. Take a look at what the kids thought of it.




The next app the kids played with this month was DubSmash. This fun app allows users to make lip sync videos including famous movie/ TV quotes and many sound effects and music. This app is loads of fun for young and old. Here’s what the kids thought.


MSQRD (pronounced Masquerade)

The last app the Xander kids played with this month was MSQRD. This app uses the device front camera and gives the user options to apply various amusing image filters and effects. This app is fun and allows for video as well as image saving. Take a look at what the Xander kids thought of this app.


If your child would like to be a Xander app reviewer send an contact us via email or on our social media. Have fun playing with these and share your pictures and videos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.