Where does Xander come from?

Xander with an “X”

Once upon a time there was a little dinosaur called Xander. He descended from the greatest of beasts ever to walk the planet, but he was small and curious. His parents called him Xander, with an X, named after the most fearsome dinosaur of them all, the mighty Tyronosaurus-Rex.

One day a giant meteorite hit Earth and all the dinosaurs died.

His escape was miraculous. It was his curiosity that saved him. His survival was a secret. Common belief was that his species had been eradicated. If the meteorite hadn’t killed them, human hunters had finished the rest.

Except for Xander, who had left his family on the morning of the catastrophe in search of answers to his many questions. He was a resourceful little dinosaur and soon realized what had happened, so he went into hiding in an underground library in the middle of the furthest desert known to man. There he remained, reading and learning, until now. It is finally safe to emerge .

Join Xander as he shares his tales and knowledge. Xander has a compendium of educational apps for kids up to the age of seven in Afrikaans & Xhosa.

Sibella found Xander as he emerged from hiding. She took him in and published his ideas for him. She is a mother of three young children, a Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur, so she can relate to how technology can be used to profitably educate children.

Sibella is fully bilingual and attributes her many opportunities in life to this. She also believes that children learn best in their mother-tongue when the brain is relaxed and open to receiving new information. Hence her passion about mother-tongue learning for children.

Learning and curiosity follow an exponential pattern, the sooner children engage with appropriate learning opportunities, the stronger the foundation becomes and the more learning follows.

Sibella & Xander hope you enjoy his learning adventures her children did!