A wet afternoon and a house full of children?

Unlike the TV that passively entertains, iPad apps can engage children for the same amount of time, however this time is more beneficial, as it is interactive and teaches children new skills.
Excellent apps for children exist where they can draw, do puzzles, learn about other countries, or dance to their favourite nursery rhymes.

We highly recommend and love these apps:
Duck Duck Moose apps

One billion apps for Math

Nosy Crow apps

What are educational apps good for?

Children develop fine-motor skills and improve their concentration ability through engaging apps. Parents are provided with the peace of mind knowing that their children are learning while they play.

Technology is the future. We now use technology to find child-friendly restaurants, buy good books, navigate with maps, take photos or videos, and communicate (to name only a few).
Through the use of apps, children can become tech savvy.

Now isn’t that cool.