Sibella Knott-Craig: Must-Haves

As parents we are always looking for new things to keep our children healthy, well read, organised and some of us want it to environmentally friendly and sustainable. This being said we’d like to introduce you to our new series of Must-Haves as told by our group of inspiring and modern Xander Moms and Dads who we’ve featured on our blog.

We thought we’d start this series by asking our founder and CEO, Sibella Knott-Craig, working mom of 3 young girls what are a few things she loves for her kids.



Sensitive skin – kids products

  • Pure BeginningsFrom Toothpaste, to insect repellent, to kids soapy wash and bubble-bath, these products work well (many organic products I tried were not satisfactory), and give me huge peace of mind, knowing my child isn’t being exposed to any harmful chemicals.



Organised mom, happy household

  • MacaroonLabel all your kid’s shoes, lunch boxes, and gifts with style (and lose fewer things!).



  • Tupperware – now that your lunch boxes are labelled, look after the environment and support your friend who is selling these fantastic spill-free products



Healthy kids, happy kids

  • Rawlicious SuperfoodsSuperfood powder into smoothies, my kids love the Lucuma Powder in a banana smoothie / porridge. Goji berries make a delicious snack and are high in Vit C and antioxidants to boost your child’s health. 



  • Wellness WarehouseFrom good snacks, to sweet potato bread for the freezer, to weeping wound powder, this place makes me feel like they’ve thought about my needs and help me to give my kids wholesome options.



  • Rhodes Squish No mess, can re-seal, can use in the car / at the beach keeping car clean and food sand-free. Especially the ones the include the vegetables, not easy getting kids to snack on sweet potatoes while doing a hike & picnic.



Time to read

  • I love books and I really love books that I enjoy reading to the kids. Our absolute favourites are ones that entertain both me and them, and encourage some form of imagination (Julia Donaldson, Lydia Monks, Slinki Malinki & Hairy Maclary by Lynley Dodd, Charlie & Lola books).

For all book needs, order online and have them delivered to you, best prices at



Play time

  • Hamleys is a fun outing for all “Every day is magical at Hamleys.”



We highly recommend you try some of these awesome products and let us know what you think. If you would like us to feature some of your Must-Have items for your child send us an email or let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.