Pokémon Go and your kids

Whether you’re into gaming or not, you’ve most likely heard of (or been knocked over by a distracted player holding their phone at eye-level) Pokémon GO, a treasure-hunt game based on your actual location.




Now before you go downloading this app for your dearest darling to be part of the global movement, we have a few comments that you may want to be conscious of:


It’s going to be gobble up your data, battery and wallet.


The app contains in-app purchases, the dynamic of geolocating your precious to pin-point his or her location is heavy on data and lengthy use will suck your battery dry.  Also, it knows where you are (doh!) so if you’re someone that regards your privacy highly, then you may want to stay well clear of pushing the “Download Free” button.


On the other hand, it’s an inter-active experience with virtual reality, your child will learn to read a map and will discover valuable information about historic or meaningful places in your neighbourhood. Your off-spring may just find out in which year the local Town Hall was erected. Although I’m not going to vouch for the accuracy of the information, as we have a “fake” statue outside our office that seems to be taken very serious by the PokéHunters as a PokéStop.


But there you have it; you’ve been informed and can nod along with the parents on the pavement who will, no doubt, be discussing it when pupils return from their vacations on Monday.