Parents: Keep On Top of Things

The moment you become a parent your life changes; from having to learn how to sterilise baby bottles, to dealing with the countless number of extra things that are added to your schedule when your child needs their vaccinations or latest dentist appointment. Using technology is a great way to ensure that your life is as organised as possible and can be a great help to ensure you manage your time well. Here are a few top tips on how to use technology to keep on top of things.



Fill out the in-built calendar

Whether you have one child or ten there are bound to be a fair amount of appointments you need to remember, such as from trips to the dentist and their best friend’s birthday party. Smartphones are called such because they can help you with so many day-to-day things! Your phone’s – or tablet’s – built calendar is just one of the many handy tools at your disposal; from adding all the repeat events such as birthdays and anniversaries at the beginning of the year, to updating it each week and month with other events or plans as and when they arise. This way you can easily check what you’ve got coming up, and if not, your phone will remind you anyway!

Set yourself reminders

Speaking of, trying to remember which day the parent and baby group is on, or when the after school clubs take place can be difficult enough without adding in the normal passing of daily life. Using an app to create reminders for the smaller things like when and how to sterilise baby bottles, do the washing, or pick up the dry cleaning, will ensure that you don’t miss anything. Just a fewer things to remember.

Use the alarm app

Getting up in the morning can be hard for anyone, especially if you have a young child that is not the best at sleeping through. Using an app to set yourself an alarm (or three) will ensure that you are not late for the school run or any other appointments that you have on any given day.

Health, fitness and mindfulness monitoring

Just because you have a child to care for doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of yourself. Using apps to track your weight, fitness, health and mind, will ensure that you are in the best condition you can be. Taking time for yourself will help you to be the best parent to your child and they will learn from your example that self care is as important as caring for others.

There are plenty of available free and payable apps that can help you take some time out with simple guided meditation, or to keep track of what you’re eating or even help you train at the gym. Whatever it is, take advantage and utilise your devices for something a little healthier than social media.

Find apps to help you with food planning

An important way that you can stay organised is to plan your meals ahead and keep to a shopping list. Downloading an app that will allow you to plan what meals you are going to eat and subsequently which items you need to buy at the supermarket; this will take the stress out of shopping and allow you to have one less thing to worry about.

Use apps to create mood boards

Apps such as Pinterest are a great way to help you keep all your ideas in one place when it comes to children’s birthday party ideas, saving the recipes you want to try, or even planning to redecorate a part of your home. You can create a board for each area of your life and check back in when you need inspiration.


Sometimes you may feel like you have too much to remember, from how to sterilise baby bottles, to which day your child has their after-school-club on. However, hopefully these tips will help you keep on top of everything and keep your life as easy and stress free as possible.



‘This post was written in collaboration with Katherine Mosquera and Naomi Hassan from Mavens of London. Naomi has written for various food, lifestyle. and parenting blogs, and continues to work alongside Mavens of London to create immersive articles and blog content.’ – Katherine has written and edited a range of articles from home and lifestyle, to food and fashion, and is currently a content creator and editor at Mavens of London.’