KraftiMama: Must-Have’s

We’ve been finding out from some awesome moms we know about some of their favorite things to do, share, give to their kids. Food, shopping, toys, places and much more. This month we talked to KraftiMama about some of her Must-Have’s for her kids.


Faithful to Nature



All you need to keep your house chemical-free from home products to baby products all in one place without you having to leave the house. This busy mom loves!





In all honesty we don’t have the room full of Lego that we’d like to have but that’s the great and amazing thing… kids only need a handful to keep them busy for a whole day. Winner of all toys for me as its also very educational of course.


Xander Apps


No I’m not trying to suck up, the apps has really cultivated a learning environment in my house and my 4 year olds are taking to the alphabet like sponges because they revel in the Xander apps!





I was a sporty kid in school but it didn’t come naturally from the start. Well you know what? Neither does it for my kids. I have to say I was surprised by the lack of stamina, focus and hand-eye coordination in my kids but a term of Playball has already set them to new strengths. I’m so proud of them and so thankful for Playball.


Roald Dahl Books



I read these to my kids in our home language, which is Afrikaans, and its unbelievable how much their concentration has improved. I have ADHD so I am naturally aware of their attention span and I must say these books make it easy to keep their attention and memory to a story that we can’t finish in 5 minutes. Perfect for a rainy day!



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