Kids and Creativity. Is your child the next #ToddlerStylist?

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Parents have been trying to dress their kids sensibly for as long as we can remember. But what happens when the tables are turned? One mom decided to find out, with hilarious results.

Summer Bellessa, a blogger and mother of two, allowed her 3-year-old son Rockwell to choose her outfits for a week. Given the opportunity, Rockwell chose a series of wacky, imaginative outfits that did not conform to any adult expectations. He gave free reign to his creativity, and in the process he and his mom had endless fun. Have a look at some of the outfits he put together.

Her experiment has sparked a whole toddler fashionista movement, some of which can be found on Twitter under the hashtag, #ToddlerStylist. We loved all the amazing outfits and the moms who were prepared to wear them.

We can all learn from these parents, who took some time out of their normal routines to give their kids room for expression and experimentation:

  • Allow your kids to express themselves (safely) without judging the results or interrupting. Purple glitter nails – why not?
  • Put away the watch and lose the schedule – spend an afternoon doing nothing in particular.
  • Unpack all the crayons and craft materials, but without a specific project in mind. You might be surprised at the result.
  • Say ‘yes’ more often than ‘no’. (To cultivate a healthy emotional ratio, research has proven to be 5 yesses to each no)

Do you think that you have a little stylist in your house? Why not allow them to express themselves, and share the results with us. Post your pics on our Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed and tag them #toddlerstylist.

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