Our Favourite Apps (Part 2)

We’ve been playing with some great apps this month and here is a list of some of our favourites. Try them yourself and tell us what you think.




This is My Story



This Is My Story (And I’m Sticking To It) is an early learning app that helps kids get the hang of simple sentence structure. Kids get to make their own storybooks by tapping and dragging labeled images into the blanks of each page. Sentences like, “The (blank) played with the (blank)” can become “The cat played with the ball.” Finished stories can be saved and will be read aloud by the narrator.

Available on iTunes.



Minecraft Pocket Edition



Minecraft – Pocket Edition is a mobile version of the popular PC game. The game is still an alpha build, but is fairly feature complete and offers the sandbox-style gameplay of the PC version, letting players create things from materials.

Available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.



Lazoo Art Box



Lazoo Art Box is a simple drawing tool that also animates kids’ creations. They can use the device’s camera to take a picture and draw on it. Before allowing certain features permission to use the device’s camera. Yet no creations, including the photos taken within the app, are saved in the app or on the device.

Available on iTunes.



Tales Untold



Tales Untold is a collection of original audio stories geared toward a preschool and Grade R audience. Stories are between 5 and 15mins long with catchy theme songs, include both fiction and nonfiction and are designed specifically for kids and adults to listen to together. The first episode of each series is available for free preview, and content is available for purchase as individual episodes or by the season.

Available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.



Elmo Loves 123s



Elmo Loves 123s is designed to teach preschoolers numbers from 1 to 20. Sesame Street favorites Elmo and Abby introduce kids to the number and activities. In Sesame Street style, little ones’ best interests are the focus. When first opening the app, parents can view information about their kids’ past play, including time played, numbers and activities covered, and percentages correct, but kids can’t access those screens without restarting the game.

Available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.


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