How to create engaging teaching methods for children

There can be little doubt that teaching methods have changed over the decades. Once taught their times tables in parrot fashion and their handwriting by repetition and discipline, pupils are now encouraged to learn via an array of fun, creative, and often innovative teaching techniques, each designed to engage and enthrall their young, inquisitive minds. Far from disrupting their will to learn, the methods captivate their audience, engage pupils’ minds, confidence, and imaginations, and encourage a will to explore the world beyond the confines of the classroom.


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To see such methods in action, look no further than the inclusion of apps in schools’ syllabuses; convenient, portable, and entertaining apps offer advanced interaction and opportunities to learn while providing a sustainable resource for cash-strapped teachers and concerned parents. In our contemporary society, a child’s access to apps is often his or her first introduction to the technology that will enhance and dominate their lives. A gentle, educational introduction to apps will serve our children well in the future – not to mention now, as they get to grips with an array of subjects.

Planning the most engaging lessons

Despite all of the paperwork, marking, and lesson planning contemporary teachers have to contend with, the modern classroom is both inspiring and resourceful; present-day teaching environments provide opportunities for planning lessons that previous generations of teachers may only have dreamed of. Online resources, craft materials, and classroom communities are readily available, ensuring that teaching methods are more engaging than ever before. What’s more, the invention and widespread popularity of educational apps can only enhance the learning environment – particularly when it comes to carefully crafted, paid-for apps. Teachers’ abilities to integrate gadgets with other learning methods are going a long way towards revolutionizing the way that our little ones see the world. The sky is the limit, both for our children’s educations and their futures.

So, let’s a take a look at some of those engaging teaching methods.

Strive to make learning fun

Via puzzles and games, colorful characters and comedic situations children often learn without realizing; information processed in such a way will usually linger far longer than the formulas, rules, and tidbits fed by textbook or repetition. Wherever possible, and appropriate, teachers should endeavor to make their lessons fun, using apps and gadgets to reinforce the entertainment that learning can provide.

Choose an app – Xander’s ‘Fruit and Veg’ app incorporates lessons about sums, matching, and shapes with learning the names of different fruits and vegetables.

Usual audio and visual aids, such as videos

Away from the pages of textbooks and exercise pads audio clips and visual aids are becoming increasingly popular educational tools. Often entertaining, and always engaging these kinds of resources are invaluable when it comes to grabbing and holding little ones’ attention. The art of making videos is gaining traction across classrooms, too; encouraging teamwork and creativity, the opportunity for children to make videos is revolutionizing their ability to learn specific subjects. There are some wonderful resources out there, including videomaker apps and instructional sites. Infographic videos are especially stimulating, enabling children to get to grips with subjects in an informative, interesting way.

Choose an app – Xander’s ‘Animals’ app blends animal audio and hand-drawn illustrations and videos to teach pre-school children about the creatures they may find in various locations.

Take learning outside of the classroom

Field trips and opportunities to learn outdoors are among the best ways to engage young minds and stimulate educational discussions. Whether you’re visiting a historic house, following a nature trail, or counting vehicles on the road outside a school or pre-school very few classroom activities can compete regarding interest or information. The invention of apps, tablet devices, and gadgets has made such teaching methods even easier; portable technology is readily available to accompany any adventure.

Choose an app – Xander’s ‘Transport’ app teaches young children about the various modes of transport they might encounter. It would work brilliantly alongside an outdoors lesson to spot nearby vehicles in motion.

Encourage discussion and collaboration

While children usually respect and listen to their teacher or teaching assistant, they are frequently encouraged and inspired by their peers; peer learning is a fantastic way for children to grasp educational concepts, and to form their own opinions and ideas. Perhaps one of the most engaging teaching methods is to introduce discussions and collaborative time, stimulating teamwork and a sense of community that inspires learning.

Choose an app – Xander’s ‘Wardrobe’ app will encourage children to recognize and discuss body parts, as well as items of clothing and weather. Groups are encouraged to choose the right outfits for various situations.


These teaching methods and apps can be used across a wide array of subjects, including science, math, spelling, reading, geography, history, and art; any opportunity for children to engage with a topic and use their creativity to its full potential is an opportunity for them to learn something incredible about the world. Their adventure is just beginning, but they’re going to take us all along for the ride – what an incredible world we live in.