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Xander Zulu Animals (Ages 1-3)

Xander Zulu Animals is a sorting and matching educational app for early learning. Children delight in learning about animals and hearing the sounds they make. Optimal learning transpires from intuitive, age appropriate content with hand-drawn illustrations and mother-tongue narration.

This app consists of 6 games:

  • Hear and see the word
  • Trace each letter of the alphabet in small letters
  • Trace each letter of the alphabet in caps
  • Spelling with drag and drop
  • Narrated rhymes about each adorable animal
  • Letter recognition with matching game


  • Study letters in the font used by schools.
  • Associate letters with appropriate animal.
  • Practice pronunciation of Afrikaans words.
  • Learn about animals via cute rhymes.
  • Improve fine-motor skills and spelling using drag & drop exercises.

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