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Xander Tswana Wardrobe (Ages 1-3)

Tswana Wardrobe is an educational app for young children that teaches them the names (and pronunciation) for different body parts, clothing and weather. After consolidating the terminology it concludes with a fun game that provides hours of entertainment.

This app consists of 6 games:

  • Body: Learn the names and pronunciation of body parts.
  • Face: Learn the names and pronunciation of facial features.
  • Clothes: Learn the names and pronunciation of various items of clothing.
  • Get dressed: Match appropriate items of clothing to wear with the seasons and weather.


  • Learn vocabulary to describe parts of the face, body, clothing and weather.
  • Listen and practice pronunciation of the terminology.
  • Play dressing game to make terminology relevant.
  • Remember vocabulary through repetition and engagement.
  • Improve fine-motor skills through drag & drop exercises.

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