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Afrikaans Shapes & Colours (Ages 1-3)

Afrikaans Shapes & Colours is an Afrikaans educational app for your children that teaches six basic shapes and the primary and secondary colours using age appropriate games. Xander, the lovable narrator, guides your child through six learn-through-play activities involving vision, hearing and touch to teach them to identify shapes and colours.

This app consists of 6 games:

  • Hear and see the shape
  • Hear and see the colour
  • Trace the shape
  • Drag and drop to make the shape fit
  • Shape and colour recognition with matching game
  • Identify the shape that fits


  • Practice pronunciation of Afrikaans shapes and colours.
  • Play games using shape recognition and puzzles.
  • Improve concentration with a memory card game.
  • Practice to draw shapes with a tracing exercise.
  • Improve fine-motor skills using drag & drop exercises.

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