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Xander Afrikaans Fruit & Veg (Ages 1-3)

Afrikaans Fruit & Veg is an Afrikaans educational app for young children that teaches children all about fruit and vegetables and includes vital school readiness activities such as sorting, matching and basic sums. Children can learn the names of fruit and vegetables, where they  grow, and the nutritional benefits.

This app consists of 6 games:

  • Listen and pronounce the names of fruit and vegetables.
  • Learn about their nutritional benefits and where they grow.
  • Practice what you’ve learnt with interactive matching, sorting and pattern recognition games.
  • Basic sums with fruit and vegetables offer hours of fun for young children.


  • Learn the vocabulary for fruit and vegetables
  • Read words in the font used by schools
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Learn about where fruit and vegetables grow and why they’re so good for you
  • Practice what you’ve learnt through fun activities
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Build skills through sorting, matching and pattern recognition
  • Practice basic sums
  • Free play to decorate a play with fruit and vegetable

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