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Afrikaans Animals (Ages 1-3)

Afrikaans Animals is an Afrikaans sorting and matching educational app for young children. This app teaches the names of animals, the sounds that the animals make, and also teaches children the collective nouns for each group of animals. This app is extremely child-friendly and uses hand-drawn illustrations and characters from the animal kingdom to illustrate each concept.

This app consists of 6 games:

  • Collections: Learn collective nouns for a group of animals
  • Sounds: Hear the sounds that animals make
  • Animal families: Learn the words for animal Moms, Dads and Babies
  • Games: See what you’ve learnt with interactive games
  • Daily life: Identify domestic animals and sounds around your own home
  • Video (Video): Watch the entertaining video about Xander’s journey from 123, Shapes and Colours and Wardrobe to learning more about animals.


  • Learn to pronounce the names of animals and their families
  • Study the spelling in the font used by schools
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Learn about animal families
  • Practice what you’ve learnt through fun exercises
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Listen to animal sounds
  • Play games sorting and matching animals
  • Recognise animal patterns, colours and habitats

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