Sotho apps

Xander Sotho Wardrobe (Ages 1-3)

Sotho Wardrobe is an educational app for young children that teaches them the names (and pronunciation) for different body parts, clothing and weather. After consolidating the terminology it concludes with a fun game that provides hours of entertainment.

Xander Sotho Animals (Ages 1-3)

Xander Sotho Animals is a sorting and matching educational app for early learning. Children delight in learning about animals and hearing the sounds they make. Optimal learning transpires from intuitive, age appropriate content with hand-drawn illustrations and mother-tongue narration.

Xander Sotho Build & Break (Ages 1-3)

Xander Sotho Build & Break is an educational app for young children to learn about shapes and symmetry. Age appropriate, curriculum based, construction and drawing activities support early learning. This app is interactive, fun and user-friendly, caregivers will intuitively be able to assist curious young children to explore a variety of activities.

Xander Sotho 123 (Ages 1-3)

Sotho 123 is an educational app for young children that teaches numeracy using child-friendly counting beads and characters from the animal kingdom.

Xander Sotho Shapes & Colours (Ages 1-3)

Sotho Shapes and Colours is an educational app for your children that teaches six basic shapes and the primary and secondary colours using age appropriate games.