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Xander Afrikaans Spel Gr 3 – 7 (Ages 4-6)

Xander Intermediate Spelling is an educational app for children to practice prescribed spelling lists and sight words for Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 as used by the annual national spelling competition organized by the University of Stellenbosch. The competition is based on the format used in America for the Spelling Bee competition. This app uses curriculum based spelling lists and sight words per grade and is interactive, fun and user-friendly.

Spelling has never been this addictive.

Xander, the lovable narrator, guides your child through a range of learn-through-play spelling activities to support accelerated learning. Valuable skills are gained in the process to prepare young children for school assessments and spelling competitions.

This app consists of 6 games:

  • Bou die woord
  • Woordesoek
  • Leer om te spel
  • Flitskaarte


  • Prescribed grade appropriate spelling lists and sight words
  • Practice spelling through a variety of activities
  • Study sight words in the font used by schools
  • Listen and practice pronunciation
  • Word building games and flashcards
  • Improve fine motor skills and literacy
  • Develop confidence to cope with school assessments and spelling tests

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