Award-winning educational apps to prepare little children for big school.

Finally, local children can learn-through-play and engage with healthy technology in their own languages. Designed by a team of professionals, who are also parents, specifically to give parents peace of mind knowing they’ve embraced modern technology that is also good for their off-spring.  

Join 250,000+ parents and download Xander now, in Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, Swahili, Shona or English

Most Populars Apps

Afrikaans Shapes & Colours

Afrikaans Shapes & Colours is an Afrikaans educational app ... Download

Afrikaans Wardrobe

Afrikaans Wardrobe is an Afrikaans educational app for young ... Download

Xander Xhosa 123

Xhosa 123 is an Xhosa educational app for young children that ... Download

Xander Afrikaans Spel Gr 1 & 2

Xander Afrikaans Spel for Beginners ... Download

Xander Zulu Shapes and Colours

Zulu Shapes and Colours is a Zulu educational app for your children ... Download

Xander Tswana 123

Tswana 123 is a Tswana educational app for young children that ... Download


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